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iOS 9 augmented reality support more plausible with Apple's latest acquisition

Early this week we reported on the probability that Apple iOS 9 will include augmented reality in its list of features. With Apple’s latest acquisition of German Augmented Reality firm Metaio, these rumors are becoming more promising, as release of iOS 9 is approaching.

Apple acquires AR firm Metaio

Metaio’s core product includes technology capable of integrating Augmented Reality in devices similar to Google Glass, as well as other more common devices equipped with cameras and motion sensors, like iPhone and iPad devices.

Several months ago, research Piper Jaffray’s research analyst Gene Munster suggested the Apple already had a small group of researchers working on augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Within the scope of the same report, Munster also commented that, although Google had a head start in this technology, Apple would stand better chances creating a product with greater consumer appeal.

The type of applications Apple is expected to work on may include the display of instructions and information triggered in the user’s device field of view, when in proximity to a compatible object. Instructions, data and information would flash automatically, when in the proximity of a certain object of location, or when an object or person enters the field of view.

Within that context, Apple would be able to boost its Maps app, by introducing the AR element, which would go a step further than Google Street View, in a sense, by providing on-screen instructions that pertain to the device’s orientation of its camera. A real world scenario could see local businesses benefiting from a technology where commercial street signs would be replaced by virtual floating notifications on a GPS display or maps application.

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