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Five known facts that could tell us more about the Apple Watch

1. Apple’s recent Health-related trademark filings.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple has secured a number of trademark patents, which include Healthbook, HealthKit and iResearch. The move suggest a possible health-monitoring app, or range of apps that could be implemented along possible biometric technology embedded in the iWatch hardware, which could allow iWatch users to monitor and keep track of a wide range of vitals, such as heart rate and blood pressure.

The trademarks have not been officially linked to Apple, yet a series of circumstantial evidence indicate that the patents, filed in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, could be part of Apple’s plans to develop the fitness app Healthbook.

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2. The Watch will have a round face and will be thinner than the upcoming Motorola “Moto 360” smartwatch.

Rosenblatt Securities Brian Blair recent not issued to Apple investors included mention of the iWatch round and flat design, as well as numbers describing the number of units Apple is expected to build during the second half of 2014.

3. The Apple Watch could come in different models.

According to Blair’s memo, Apple has already built several versions of the iWatch, including a model featuring Sapphire display. though it isn’t clear, whether this information related to design concept development for a final design, the possibility of different iWatch models available is very strong, in consideration of the trend followed by the iPhone 5, and its S and C variations.

4. The Apple Watch could be its own stand-alone device

Breaking the trend of smartwatches operating as paired devices, the Apple iWatch is expected to be able to work independently from an Apple iPhone or other Apple devices.

Considering Apple’s timing, this move makes perfect sense, as the iWatch could be the first of its kind, with such ability.

5. The Apple Watch could feature a flexible display, and come in two sizes, for men and women.

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AppleInsider has reported last year, of an Apple patent application describing a “Bi-stable spring with flexible display”, which may lead to speculations of a flexible display embedded in what has been dubbed as a “Slap Wrap”, the wrist strap rumored to be featured in the iWatch design. In addition, the iWatch might come in two sizes, for men and women. This rumor is compatible with Brian Blair’s memo to investors in regard to the several versions of the iWatch, allegedly built by Apple.

While it is true that Apple has gone through extreme lengths to keep a tight lid on any details regarding the iWatch, the data collected by several news wires presents a strong case for at least a number of rumored features of the much anticipated device.