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Corporate IT provisioning has changed. Companies are finding an array of benefits from a relatively new trend known as BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. Also emerging is CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), these programs have been yielding value for organizations and employees alike. 

In a typical BYOD program, some companies are granting a stipend to each employee to apply towards the purchase of their own laptop for work.

Conversely, a CYOD program, the enterprise will purchase and own the laptop or device, but allow the employee to choose the device. 

Both programs offer some of the same benefits including lower costs for the company and since the employee is choosing their preferred device (e.g., Mac vs PC) will be more productive using the operating system of their choice. 

What does Portable One have to offer companies looking to implement an employee BYOD program?   Portable One offers a full complement of the latest business class laptops and tablets. Additionally, Portable One is an Apple Authorized Reseller. 

We work with companies like yours to provide to your employees a Co-Branded Enterprise Portal for purchasing approved devices for your BYOD/CYOD program. After working with you to understand your BYOD program, we will set up, host, and administer a dedicated, enterprise class employee portal on our secure e-commerce website. 

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Portable One is your one stop shop for your Company Tailored Enterprise BYOD portal for your employees.

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