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iOS 9 update could pack a bigger punch than anticipated with "Proactive" initiative

Just as word got around of a slimmer, more compact array of features in iOS 9, sources just revealed “Proactive”, a new project that is planned to be part of the big update for iOS devices.

Apple iOS 9 Proactive initiative

Proactive features set is likely to include a “Google Now”-like experience, with a constant feed of information gathered from a number of services, such as Apps, Maps and Contacts. This data will be converted into predictive search elements that will display in a variety of ways, including augmented reality.

Some examples of how this feature will be implemented include automatic notifications with a direct link to a particular app, URL or dataset, such as flight information, or apps that are opened more frequently at a certain time. For instance, if a user accesses Mail most frequently at a certain time of day, a notification will appear, allowing the user to open Mail directly from the home screen.

The same working principle can be applied to call notifications or Maps directions, in a similar way as what Android users experience, with certain locations set to “home” or “work”, and made available at times when the user is expected to need this information.

This aspect of iOS 9, which is rumored to be available as early as June, relates to Apple’s recent enhancement of Maps, to include public transportation information, which includes bus and train routes.

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