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Will we get a Microsoft Surface Phone? The NYPD certainly hopes so!

NYPD gets ready to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10

Of all available handsets in use by first responders, what would you guess would be the operating system of choice? While a logical conclusion would be either iOS or Android, the New York Police Department seems to have a soft spot for Windows phones.

According to early reports from MSPoweruser, the rollout of Windows Phones to law enforcement in the city that never sleeps, began a few years back, during which time the devices were upgraded with custom apps for police use, which managed to cut response time by 12%, and a faster rate of crime prevention and resolution.

Currently, handsets provided to NYPD officers include apps like “911”, which allows to take emergency calls directly, “Crime Information Center”, a bulletin board for officers to keep up to date on missing or wanted persons, and other emergency alerts, and “Search”, an app that taps directly into NYPD database, for officers to consult case files, police records, license plates and APB’s.

Police precincts throughout New York City will begin rolling out Lumia 640 XL and Lumia 830 Windows 10 handsets to police officers, and will enable police direct access to the city’s entire grid of security cameras, as well as advanced security features built into Windows 10.

Deputy commissioner for IT Jessica Tisch went on record saying that the police department is committed to continue building apps and features for its 36,000 officers, after a year and half of having built the platform and database.

The rollout of the new phones running Windows 10 is rather timely, considering that manufacturers of Windows laptops typically issued to first responders, like the GammaTech DuraBook R8300, are finally getting updated to Windows 10, and will be able to use advanced features like Continuum, and other security enhancements built into the operating system.

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