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DuraBook R8300 “reloaded”: can’t get tougher than this, or can it?

DuraBook R8300 rugged Windows 10 laptop

GammaTech’s DuraBook R8300 is the “Crown Victoria” of laptops. Its design is traditionally plain, thick, a little on the “vintage” side, but that’s no accident, because that’s precisely what makes it one of the top sellers for first responders like law enforcement, fire department and all military branches.

Up until a week ago, the R8300’s only problem was a rather long time since its last meaningful update, which made it one of the few surviving retail laptops to still come preloaded with Windows 7. Finally, GammaTech has released a brand new R8300, with completely new hardware, running Windows 10 Professional.

The specs of this new DuraBook include Intel Skylake CPU, with the choice of a Core i5 or i7, DDR4 RAM, backlit keyboard, and a sunlight-readable LCD TFT display.

Much like the old R3800, this new model features also hot-swappable HDD, however many of the internals have been upgraded, which includes Bluetooth 4.2, a new GPS module, Gobi 5000, and support for enhanced security features like Absolute Computrace, TPM, and a Kensington lock, as well as a swappable second battery.

This new DuraBook comes, as it should, with a laundry list of certifications, including Military Standard 810G, 461F, IP65, and C1D2 ANSI/ISA 12.12.01, all of which was summarized by GammaTech CEO Tom Wang’s own words:

“...Terrorists, social misfits, and both domestic and international hackers have put people toiling in these professions at far greater risks than anyone ever thought possible. With its latest upgrades, our DURABOOK R8300 fully rugged notebook is now, more than ever, ready to go to battle and help protect these individuals. And we back it like never before with our three-year Peace of Mind warranty...”.

But seriously, this new DuraBook can withstand any degree of rain or low-pressure water jets, except for pressure hoses or direct submersion.

Like most rugged laptops and tablets, the R8300 can operate at extremely low temperatures in the realm of 14 degrees, and extremely high temperatures up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the DuraBook is considerably improved over its predecessor, this is not something for the regular consumer, or the office-bound professional, and certainly not something that can be used like a regular Apple MacBook, or Surface Book. It goes without saying that it also comes with a price tag proportionate to its toughness, much like its predecessor.

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