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Reuters is reporting that there could be delays in the iPad mini supply chain, potentially preventing full-scale production of the device until next year. Unnamed sources are stating that problems with integrating the company's Retina display technology into mini has resulted in a slower certification process for suppliers. 

As a result of these delays, the new iPad mini might get a slower rollout with limited quantities, or the company could delay its launch entirely until 2014.

The Retina display is one of Apple's most popular recent innovations that it has been adding to virtually every device. It defines Retina screen technology as having a resolution that is so fine, the human eye cannot detect pixelation. This contributes to a brighter, sharper image that is ideal for watching videos, playing games and reading in ebooks, websites and magazines. They also figured out how to accomplish these performance gains without limiting battery capacity. The MacBook Air, which features Retina technology, can achieve operating times of 12 hours on one charge.

It's easy to see the appeal of this technology for tablets. The Apple iPad 4 features one of the best displays among tablets and mobile computing devices, and for this reason it has continued to dominate sales in this segment. But if you were hoping to purchase its little sibling with a Retina screen, that may not be possible until 2014. Instead of waiting, check out the current model of the iPad mini, which features exceptional performance and mobility, making it ideal for both professional and personal use.

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