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While few would argue that Apple revolutionized the technology world with their various touchscreen products, Microsoft is looking to take this idea one step further: no touch screens. According to a new report, Microsoft is working on a way for users to be able to control their gadgets - whether a smartphone, tablet or computer - without actually having to touch it.

While this new development is just in the very early stages, a few small details have been released as to how this would actually work. Users would wear an electronic bracelet that is designed to trace the movements of a person's fingers, which would allow them to imitate the motions a person would normally use while holding a piece of technology in their hands.

The item being controlled would just have to be in the same room with the person, but could be fully operated from the other side of it. There are no other specifics mentioned in the report, such as how far away the bracelets would work or if they would require charging between uses. Microsoft is interested in bringing Apple's developments to an entirely different level.

Microsoft has been very busy lately, with the company working to regain its dominance in the tech world from Apple. It is working on several different projects - as well as eliminating support for its Windows XP operating system - that has brought it back into the news in a major way. This new bracelet, once completed, will be a major advancement for personal electronics.

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