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The Apple Mac Pro features some of the most advanced hardware that you'll find in any consumer desktop computing solution. This may lead you to believe that it's a power hog, sucking up as much electricity as it can in order to deliver breakneck processor speeds - but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Apple recently released environmental and power usage specifications for the Mac Pro, and one of the most notable improvements over previous generations is the computer's energy efficiency. Apple states that the Mac Pro uses 68 percent less electricity than the last iteration of the device, with a total power consumption of less than half the limit that Energy Star sets for computers.

The company is able to accomplish this by combining efficient components with power management software. Apple's graphics processors switch on when you need them to perform hardware-intensive tasks like processing 3D imagery, then switch off when you're reading email or typing documents.

In addition to its power efficiency, the new Mac Pro uses considerably less material than prior generations. This is evident when you compare the new model with older versions in terms of size - the Mac Pro looks as though its overall desktop footprint has shrunk by 75 percent. In terms of raw materials, it uses 74 percent less aluminum and steel, making it one of the most sustainable professional-grade computers available.

The Mac Pro provides exceptional power for creatives and other users who require the latest hardware features. For more information, check out the PortableOne online store today.

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