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In the television industry, OLED looks poised to be the next big thing. The new display technology allows for more energy-efficient screens and improved brightness and color contrast. And this same tech may soon be coming to the computer industry, with Apple leading the way.

Early adopters of the new Apple Watch may be aware that the device comes equipped with an OLED screen, making it the first Apple product to do so. One reason for this is to save on battery life. Unlike standard LCD screens, each pixel on an OLED screen is individually lit. This means that when parts of an OLED screen go dark, they are not consuming energy. LCD screens need to keep the entire panel lit, even the black pixels.

As a recent article on Apple Insider points out, there have long been rumors that Apple will bring the benefits of OLED screens to other devices, such as the iPhone and even Macbooks. Before the release of the Apple Watch this was mostly conjecture. However, now there is concrete evidence that Apple is interested in the technology.

The company has worked hard to improve the battery life of its mobile devices and Macbooks — a look inside the latest Macbook Air shows that most of the real estate is taken up by batteries. Moving toward OLED screens could make a big difference that consumers would immediately appreciate.

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