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One of the priorities of communities in developing countries is the integration of technology and the reinforcement of computer literacy. These two factors are vital in being able to compete in and contribute to a 21st century economy. Unfortunately, computers are still relatively expensive for many residents of third world countries, so the question remains as to how they can obtain these important tools.

Computers 4 Literacy (C4L), a nonprofit organization and charitable partner of PortableOne, seeks to remedy this problem by acquiring modern, useful technology from Western countries and installing them in those areas of the world where they're currently inaccessible. The goal is to increase computer literacy and education among vulnerable and orphaned children who are in dire need of these skills.

C4L's program follows three steps to making this all happen.

  1. They identify communities in the developing world that have large populations of children without parents or living in poverty, then research to find out if these areas have local organizations that aim to improve the lives of these children. This involves studying the educational policy of the country in question as well as the track record of success for a given organization.
  2. Once they've found an organization that can serve as a community partner, C4L seeks donations of equipment from North American institutions (such as PortableOne). The equipment is tested for functionality and is updated with new software.?
  3. C4L then sends the equipment to the community partner in a developing area, where a computer lab is set up and maintained by local technicians.

Pilot programs have been launched in Afghanistan, Zambia and Ethiopia, which are still being designed and implemented.

For more information, please visit the Computers 4 Literacy website by clicking here.

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