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Microsoft has spent the past few months preparing its customers for the end of technical support for the Windows XP operating system. On April 8, Microsoft will no longer be servicing their most popular OS. Because it was first introduced in 2001, Microsoft felt it was time to officially cut ties with XP, encouraging consumers to make the switch to the newer versions of Windows, 7 and 8. While it remains to be seen how fast people make the switch, there is one industry that has been left vulnerable and under a strict time constraint: Banking.

According to a new report by CNN, 95 percent of bank ATMs run on Windows XP. As the end of Microsoft's technical support for XP means that it will no longer be providing patches and fixes for any security issues, the vast majority of the country's ATMs may be potentially open to a whole host of cyber attacks if they are not properly updated by the April 8 deadline.

If hackers discover any new flaws in Windows XP, problems that will go completely undetected by Microsoft, the attackers may be able to exploit these issues and gain access to financial information. While it is not currently known what the hackers will be able to do with an ATM with Windows XP after April 8, many are worried about providing their personal information to a potentially vulnerable machine.

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