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Software giant Microsoft is on the verge of releasing its highly-anticipated new operating system: Windows 8. The forthcoming program promises to delight its users with a multi-tiled, easy-to-use interface that it has named Metro.

Unsurprisingly, steadfast Microsoft fans are excited about the forthcoming operating system, especially its ability to integrate with the Windows mobile operating system, which has benefited from a lot of good press recently, and eager to try out the new program on their laptops with Windows. But, as with most new technology, the reviewers will likely determine if it is worth all the hype, and so far, there isn't a consensus.

Many experts seem excited for this release, and seemingly equally thrilled about the hybrid laptop-tablets that several PC makers are developing specifically for integration with the system. The whole thing could be just the invigoration that Microsoft needs to regain the lead from rival Apple.

But John Dvorak, a technology columnist for PC Mag sees it differently. Dvorak isn't really sure what the hype is about, and thinks that Windows 8 is very similar to Windows 7. He wrote recently that Microsoft is heading in the wrong direction by integrating the mobile interface, making the system worse overall.

Dvorak complained "It used to take the basic desktop OS and move as much as possible to lesser devices. It was even done on the phone with older versions of Windows mobile that required a stylus to work. Now it reverses its thinking. The way I see it, the company will never get this right."

It remains to be seen whether Windows 8 will be a big hit with consumers, or if they will end up siding with Dvorak. But no matter whose side you're on, PortableOne will still have an excellent selection of devices and numerous options as far as operating systems. And since everything we sell is fully customizable, you can make any change you want.

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