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In the constantly improving world of technology, it can often seem like once you buy a computer or tablet it is already obsolete. If you are somebody who has owned their computer for more than four years, you should consider investing in a new one. According to Moore's law, the computing power of integrated circuits doubles every two years, so even after only four years of ownership a computer is 200 percent less powerful than the newest models. If that is not enough to convince you, here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your laptop today:

Better battery life: The cells in laptop batteries are worn down and degraded over time, and will not be as useful at powering a computer. It is not uncommon for particularly old batteries to provide less than an hour of charge for a laptop. A new laptop battery can last upwards of five hours, greatly improving the amount of time you can use it without needing to be chained to a wall.

Computing efficiency: Buying a new system means buying a machine that is much more powerful than the one you currently own. Current ones on the market will have faster processors and more memory capacity, expanding what you can do with it.

Portability: Apple has been revolutionizing the portability and lighter weight of both laptop computers and tablets. Older laptops are generally larger and weigh more than newer models, making them much harder to carry around on a daily basis. Thinness is also an increasing trend in the technology world, and can often give you a computer that feels like you are holding nothing at all.

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