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When the new MacBook Air with Intel Haswell technology came out in June, it received sterling reviews from many technology publications for its great battery life, processing speed and the performance of its solid state drive (SSD). The MacBook Air earned many "Editor's Choice" awards and signaled that Apple had maintained its position atop the high-end laptop market.

But sometimes, reviews that come out right after the release of a new product can be a bit deceiving. After all, the flaws in a particular machine may not present themselves within the first week or so of using it, and sometimes it takes months to really know whether a piece of technology lived up to the hype or had fleeting appeal.

Recognizing this, reviewer James Kendrick of ZDNet decided to post a review of his MacBook Air three months after he purchased it, to give readers a better sense of how these laptops hold up with extended, frequent use.

His verdict is the same as the one he delivered when he first bought the Air. Citing the exceptional battery performance and the speed of Intel's Core i5 processor, Kendrick remains ecstatic about the MacBook.

"Battery life is so good that I can't remember the last time I checked the battery status while out and about," Kendrick says in his review. "I no longer think about remaining battery when out for long days, and that is liberating."

If you spend a lot of time traveling for business, or you carry your laptop with you between the office and home every day, you'll find a lot to recommend the MacBook Air, which gives you the battery performance of a netbook but the processor speed of a high-end customized laptop. To find out more about Apple's great ultraportable notebook, check out the PortableOne online store today.

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