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The latest edition of Mac OS X, Mavericks, has been a major success for Apple, having been downloaded and installed by a third of all Apple Mac computers within six weeks of the product's launch. The widespread adoption of Mavericks is a victory for the tech giant, as it ensures that the user experience for Mac customers remains superb. Having as many people as possible using one operating system means that software developers can write better programs, tailored specifically to those users.

This is an issue that Google has had to deal on its Android mobile OS. There are several versions of Android available, and customers have been slow to adopt the latest edition, particularly if they have older handsets and tablets with hardware that can't handle the latest software. As a result, Android app makers must write their programs in such a way that they will run on all of these disparate systems, a difficult task.

One of the reasons Mavericks has had such a high rate of adoption is that it is being available as a free upgrade on the Mac App Store. This marked the first time that the company had offered an OS upgrade with no price tag. By contrast, Microsoft charges $199 to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro.

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