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Macbook owners have always enjoyed high-quality displays, which are particularly useful when editing photos and video, or simply watching movies on your computer. Recently, Apple announced that its latest line of Macbooks will continue to push the boundaries of how high a resolution their laptops can support.

9to5Mac reports that Apple's new 15-inch Macbook Pro will be the first to officially support single-stream 4K displays at a full resolution of 4096×2160, running at 60Hz. In addition, the new MacBook Pro will also be the first to support 5K displays. Users will be able to hook these displays to their Macbook Pro using a dual-cable DisplayPort setup — another first for the laptops.

Previously, Macbook Pros have supported 4K displays, but only at a maximum resolution of 3840×2160, running at 60Hz. The news source reported that Apple has switched from the Intel Iris 6100 integrated graphics found in their previous 13-inch Retina Macbook Pros, instead equipping the new 15-inch Macbook Pros with the AMD Radeon R9 M370X, which is said to be up to 80 percent faster.

This is not Apple's first foray into 5K display technology either. The 24-inch Retina iMac desktop computers, for example, already boast 5K displays. However, Apple's latest step is perfect for those who want the portability of a laptop, but also want the ability to output some impressive resolutions when necessary.

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