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Many tech writers are noting that laptop computers have declined in popularity because of the rise of tablet computing.

Although tablets are incredibly useful and fun mobile devices, users should give a second though to abandoning their laptop computers for an Apple iPad mini. PortableOne sells both, but these systems are not interchangeable. Instead, customers should consider the advantages of each and decide what types of functionality are important to their workflow at the office, in the classroom or at home.

To begin with, laptops grant users a lot of flexibility in terms of creation and manipulation of data, including documents, pictures, music and video. While there are keyboards available that can be used with a tablet, these devices were designed to be used primarily with touch interfaces, meaning that they don't integrate with input tools quite as well as a notebook. In other words, you could type a document on your iPad, but you'd probably find the process easier on a MacBook using a bigger keyboard and mouse or touchpad.

Tablets are designed for customers whose primary usage involves consuming information and media. They're meant for watching online videos, downloading music from iTunes, and browsing the internet with ease. If you're a design professional, a scientist processing massive amounts of data, or a legal professional who spends a great deal of time composing briefs, letters and paperwork, you may find a tablet limiting as your creative workload increases.

Perhaps the best solution for most users is to invest in both solutions. Nowadays, most apps migrate and sync data well across multiple devices, meaning that it is very easy to come up with a workflow that utilizes the best of both worlds to make your computing life more fluid, easier and fun. Check out the PortableOne online store for our latest deals mobile computing options.

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