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On Tuesday, April 8, Microsoft will officially end its technical support for its widely popular Windows XP operating system (OS). XP is 13 years old, having first been introduced to the public in 2001. Microsoft has been urging people for months to switch over to a new OS - such as Windows 7 or Windows 8 - instead of remaining on the outdated system.

With no new updates or protections available, Windows XP users will find their computers completely susceptible to viruses and cyber attacks. Millions of computers around the world still run on XP, but a new deal struck between Microsoft and the government of the Netherlands is going to extend its lifespan a little longer in that part of the world.

According to a new report, the Dutch government has struck a multimillion Euro deal with Microsoft to secure continued support for Windows XP in the country. The deal will provide all technical support for 30,000 to 40,000 national government civil servants through January 2015, when all government computers are scheduled to be upgraded to a new OS.

The deal is only for computers that are used for official government purposes by public employees. It is similar to an agreement Microsoft made with the United Kingdom in late March, which agreed to pay over 5 million pounds for continued XP support for an entire year after the April 8 deadline set by the company.

For everybody else in the world, though, support of the Windows XP OS comes to an end this week. If you are looking to upgrade to a new computer, shop with PortableOne today. We have an extensive selection of new laptops with windows for you to choose from, with a team of professionals to help you with any questions or concerns.

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