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The wonderful thing about computers these days, whether you own a Macbook Pro or Apple iMac, is that they are built to last. But even the most durable computer - no matter what company you shop with - isn't going to be able to last forever. Although this is an issue that many people don't like having to think about, there will come a point where your old laptop can no longer get the job done and needs to be replaced. If you have owned your computer for five or more years, that cut-off date might be rapidly approaching.

Here are a few signs that your personal computer needs to be replaced:

  • Frequent error messages: We have all seen them from time to time - you try and open up a new document or browse around on the internet, only to have the application crash and send you an error message. If this is happening to you more and more frequently, your computer might be on its way to shutting down completely.
  • It's running slow: One of the major ways that you can be sure that your computer is no longer up to the task is how slowly it is running. Over time, your hard drive will become bogged down with more saved files and programs, which leads to sluggish performance. Stop being frustrated with long lag times and an unresponsive screen and upgrade to a new model!
  • Latest software won't run: If your computer cannot download and install the latest software to help it run better, then your hard drive might be too out of date. This is a surefire sign that the product needs to be replaced.

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