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When Tim Cook and his fellow Apple executives hosted a Keynote event in early November, it was widely speculated that the team would be unveiling their highly-anticipated iPad mini - and they did not disappoint. But that wasn't the only product that was released at the fall event, indeed three more of Apple's critically acclaimed devices got fantastic updates on the same day.

The Apple executives launched the fourth-generation iPad, the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina and their brand new, redesigned iMac - which threatened to steal the show. The new desktop thrilled tech reviewers the world over, who were enchanted by its bigger, better and brighter display as well as its super-thin edges.

But inside, the computer is as powerful as it is sleek and beautiful on the outside, and that really helped to capture everyone's attention. Last week, TechCrunch writer MG Siegler wrote about his feelings on the new iMac and why he feels that it is Apple's best desktop yet.

Siegler noted that, as we live in an increasingly mobile world, fewer people are drawn to the desktop, passing it up for the portability and superb functioning of a MacBook Air or Pro. But for office conditions, and other settings where having a large screen can be beneficial, the iMac is the best desktop that you can buy.

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