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The results are in, and British tech publication Which? magazine has named the iPad as the tablet with the best battery life. The publication tested the battery life of 10 major tablets while using Wi-Fi and to browse and watch videos.

In terms of 10-inch tablets, the iPad with Retina display won the category by quite a margin, lasting 811 minutes during the Wi-Fi web browsing test. It surpassed the second place winner, the iPad 2, by nearly four hours.

That's not too shabby, but the iPad's younger cuter sister the iPad mini beat its category as well. This 7-inch wonder lasted for an impressive 783 minutes, about 13 hours, browsing the web over Wi-Fi. That score was a major victory over the Amazon Kindle Fire, which lasted for three hours less.

In order to keep the results fair, each tablet was tested at the same time as its competition, and the screen brightness of each device was measured with a light-meter and set to 200 nits.

Apple's complete cleanup of this independent test is just another piece of evidence that proves the company is way ahead of its competition. Whether you prefer the original or the mini, you can take your iPad out with you all day without having to worry about a dead battery slowing you down.

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