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Shopping for a new laptop and wondering should you look at a Mac or a PC?

VAIO S Series Laptop for Business

Many pundits will argue either way, but when it comes down to it; they each have their die-hards. The decision is ultimately yours, and there are several important things to keep in mind as you decide, which are design, overall cost, dependability, functionality and personal preference.

If you're looking for a basic laptop at a basement price or a Windows PC built for performance, then there are many laptops to choose from at PortableOne, including Sony VAIO, Toshiba, Samsung, ASUS and many others. All can be upgraded to suit your needs.


However, if you appreciate unparalleled quality, performance and aesthetics, you'll love the Mac computer lineup, such as the Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. While many PC companies continue to mimic Apple, Apple still takes the lead in quality and superior laptops. They are sleek, thin and beautiful - there's no arguing that. Their design is functional too. The aluminum uni-body case is strong, durable and will not crack like many budget plastic Windows PCs will. The HD and Full HD displays on Macs are amazing too! The backlit keyboards are appreciated in low-light environments and the multi-gesture touchpad is far superior and in concert with OS X, will help improve productivity of even the most serious multi-tasker.

Operating System

Apple's superior operating system, OS X, is noticeably more efficient than Windows and is more secure. This is a far more complex topic than what can be covered here, but in actual use at Portable One's integration center, we ran Windows on an i7 MacBook Pro via BootCamp and noticed that Windows ran MUCH hotter than OS X and Windows cut the battery life about in half!

Always used a PC? Once you go Mac, You'll never go back

If you switch from a PC to a Mac, you will find a small learning curve, but overall, OS X is as intuitive as your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Plus, Apple provides several "how to" videos on their website to help you every step of the way. One of our own at Portable One has been a life-long Windows user who recently switched to Mac. His only regret is that he didn't switch sooner. He can help in your decision and provide first hand assistance in answering any question you may have, including how easy it is to run Windows software on your Mac

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