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Now that Christmas has come and gone, most people are enjoying the remainder of the holiday season by spending a little time with their loved ones and getting to know their new holiday presents. As one of the biggest gifts of the holiday season, many of us got customized iPads or iPad minis this year.

If you were lucky enough to find this much-coveted present under your tree, you probably haven't put it down since. But the App Store and its thousands of software options can be a little overwhelming. Therefore, it can help to narrow down your apps based on what they do. Here are three great reading apps what will make your iPad even better:

Kindle for iPad - If you're upgrading from a Kindle or craving the huge selection of this store, Kindle for iPad is a fantastic piece of software. It features virtually all of the books and periodicals you could want to read, and it syncs with other devices too, so you never lose your place. 

Next Issue Media - With Apple's crystal-clear Retina display, the magazine reading experience on an iPad is in many ways better and more interactive than if you picked up a print copy of your favorite publication and turned the pages yourself. This subscription service combines the offerings from Conde Nast, Hearst, Time Inc., Meredith and News Corporation to deliver unlimited magazines straight to your iPad. It's like having a pre-paid newsstand right at your fingertips.

Instapaper - If you do a lot of reading on the web, chances are, you're already familiar with the clean interface of Instapaper. This convenient read-it-later app lets you choose your font and read articles without ads or distraction.

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