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Yesterday, prominent tech writers for all of the major publications were invited to one of Apple's famous keynotes, where Tim Cook and other executives revealed the company's newest product: the iPad mini.

After the event, members of the press had the opportunity to interact directly with the product as well as the other items that Apple launched yesterday. This gave them the opportunity to could write reviews based, not just on the presentation, but the product itself.

Most of those reviews had been published so far have been largely positive. Most of the reviewers were pleasantly surprised by how thin and light the iPad mini was, but were careful to also note that the tablet's materials kept it from feeling flimsy.

With Apple now offering this second, smaller tablet though, many people have been wondering if Mac lovers who already own iPads would spring for a second tablet. Fredric Paul of online tech magazine ReadWriteWeb wrote that he thinks they will.

Consumers already have so many screens, he says, and we've learned to use them for different tasks. So just as the iPad has been great for creation, the iPad mini could be perfect for portability and consumption. What better size to read articles or catch up on reading while commuting?

Pricing has been another major topic of discussion among the tech crowd. The iPad mini costs well over $100 more than its competition, and many skeptics are wondering whether consumers are really willing to pay that price. But J.P. Morgan's Mark Moskowitz told Forbes that the iOS functionality, larger screen size and brand cache of the iPad mini are enough to justify the elevated price.

Whether you're planning to stick with the classic iPad, go for the mini, or spring for both, don't forget that PortableOne can customize your devices so that they're perfect for you.

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