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If your company is looking to invest in mobile technology and applications, there's more to consider than just the usability of the end product. For example, many apps fail because they don't keep the security of their customers in mind.

Accessing company files through mobile devices makes it very convenient to work on-the-go and always be up to speed with the latest information on your small or medium-sized business (SMB). At the same time, accessing private information about your business, such as finances, customer information or other documents from a mobile device can put your company at a greater risk for threats to the security of your company's data.

In fact, according to a recent survey by Mobilisafe, a mobile risk management firm, nearly three out of four SMB mobile devices have operating system and application vulnerabilities at highly severe levels.

The reason, according to the study's results, that SMBs in particular are more susceptible to hackers, viruses or data theft is that the companies may not have the resources or experience to consider investing in standarizing their mobility practices.

But, by simply being vigilant about updating their devices, installing antivirus and anti-spyware protection and only accessing confidential data only on secure networks, businesses can greatly reduce the risk of company information being stolen.

"We now have definitive data that SMBs are exposed to vulnerability risk from mobile devices being used for work. Approximately 70 percent of devices with severe vulnerabilities can have their risks remediated by applying firmware updates recommended automatically," said Giri Sreenivas, CEO of Mobilisafe.

In the meantime, if SMB employees are unsure about the security of their mobile devices, it's best to access work-related documents on secure company networks only, rather than from smartphone or tablet computer. To further explore safe internet data storage, businesses can consider contacting cloud computing companies, as well.

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