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There are a few reasons why you may not have gotten your dad a gift yet. One possibility is that, with all of the new gadgets out on the market, you simply couldn't decide on the right piece of hardware for the man.

Even if your dad is a lifelong Windows user, he may still be open to PC to Mac migration if you choose the right device. With its incredible 2,880 x 1,800 resolution, the new Macbook Pro with Retina-display could make a jaw-dropping gift for the more tech-savvy dad, and will definitely be worth the wait.

But, in spite of all the hype surrounding Apple's latest notebook, Wired magazine's Michael Calore actually recommends the Macbook Air as a Father's Day present, especially if your dad is reluctant to jump on the Apple bandwagon.

Calore writes that his dad had never taken Macs seriously, insisting that they weren't meant for "real work."  The writer reportedly thought getting his dad to use an Apple device would be a difficult undertaking, but found that his dad was quickly won over by the Macbook Air's easy portability and its comfortable keyboard. Plus, the source notes that this device is perfect for someone who just needs to perform simple tasks like writing documents, storing digital photos, and sending emails.

Of course, Apple devices aren't for everyone, and laptops with Windows 8 are about to get to a lot more exciting. If you think your dad would benefit from a lightweight device, check out new selection of Toshiba and Sony ultrabooks, which are small, powerful laptops that typically fall under the four pound mark.

If you still aren't sure which device would be the right fit for your dad, try contacting a retailer like PortableOne for expert advice on the hardware that would best suit your father's needs.

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