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Since the first IBMs, the tech-savvy have had the option of building their own computer, rather than purchasing a ready-made option off of the shelves of a store. With the first personal computers, this offered a significant price advantage and made available a slew of potential upgrades.

Many people wonder if building their own computer is still advantageous, given the number of options on the market, and the wide disparity between prices already available in computers. Will it really save any money, or has building one's own computer simply become a geek's right of passage?

Matt Smith, a writer for Digital Trends, says that anyone who's looking to spend less than $600 is better off with a ready-to-buy option, since building your own won't offer you any significant break in price. Those who are looking for a high-performing, higher-priced machine can still see a price break in making their own, however.

Perhaps an obvious thing for consumers to consider is whether or not they have the expertise required to build their own computer. While the process is highly detailed by a number of resources, it still requires a certain amount of base knowledge. After all, there's no calling the manufacturer in the case of a broken computer. But Smith advises his readers that the standardized hardware of these machines has made it so that anyone with knowledge of PC hardware would be able to do this.

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