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After Microsoft announced the pending release of its new Surface tablet on Monday, it seems like tech publications everywhere have swung right back to non-stop tablet-talk, leaving the Apple Macbook Pro with Retina-display in the dust. But notebooks and laptops are still making headlines, and a new contender has a very ambitious aim - to produce the best laptops with Windows on the market.

Vizio is the country's leading producer of  LCD High-Definition televisions, but it seems that that title was not enough. On June 14, PCMag reported that the company launched a range of all-in-one devices including laptops and desktops.

According to the source, Vizio's design aesthetics may feel familiar to consumers, comparing its two light ultrabooks to the industry to the Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The report even likens Vizio's desktop computers to a 2002 iMac. Clearly, sleekness and smooth edges are as much of a priority for Vizio as they are for the industry heavyweight.

But these similarities could very well be intentional, since Apple devices, after all, are known for their good looks.

"We saw a gap in the market for a premium windows machine," Vizio CTO Matt McRae told the media outlet, noting that most of the PCs available "don't really live up to the design or performance that consumers want." McRae goes on to explain that design was key consideration - because these devices were intended for consumers, they had to be attractive.

Each Vizio computer has a lightweight aluminum body and, of course, a high definition screen. In fact, with a high-quality sound system built it, they're clearly designed with streaming in mind, and can be connected directly to a cable box.

Although proud owners of Samsung and Toshiba laptops may feel a bit slighted by McRae's comments, the new range of Vizio PCs is definitely worth a look. To review the strengths and weaknesses of these devices, you can always contact an expert retailer like PortableOne.

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