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Whether you're building a customized laptop to give the gamer in your life a great present this year, or you're thinking about upgrading yourself, you're going to need a good-quality graphics card. Whether you spend time editing video and large photo files, you love to stream movies in HD or you're a big gamer, a graphics card will give your computer a great boost in terms of speed and power.

But merely having a graphics card isn't enough. It's also essential that you find one that works with your processor and can provide you with the speed that you need - since the right graphics package can be the difference between using your last life and beating an important level.

If you're unsure of what graphics card will be best with your customized laptop, feel free to speak with one of the experts at PortableOne, who can give you personalized advice, and read over this list of three great graphics cards that came out this year:

Nvdia Quadro 6000 - One of the best workstation graphics cards on the market today, a Nvdia Quadro is powerful enough to create 3D graphics in a professional setting. Anyone who is looking for a top-of-the-line product that needs something powerful enough for daily use will be impressed with this one.

AMD Raedon HD 6990 - If you're meticulous about the quality of the images on your computer, you will be thrilled with the performance of this graphics card. The Raedon 6990 has HD performance that's good enough to build solid images and powerful enough to run for hours.

Nvidia GTX 580 SLI - Any gaming enthusiast will be impressed by the power of this card. It can keep you in your game for as long as you need, and will lend quick performance to your machine no matter what you're doing.

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