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Business owners everywhere are realizing that company files stored in hard copy - or even in a computer's hard drive - cannot always be protected. Should an unexpected disaster strike, such as a fire or storm, these files can be destroyed, leaving a company without years of data, files, contacts and other valuable information.

As a result, many businesses are choosing to invest in cloud computing, or storing files in an online server, to backup their data and recover other information that may have gotten lost or destroyed. In fact, a new survey by TwinStrata has indicated that more than 60 percent of participants believe that the safety of stored data is put into question over the threat of a disaster. Many companies cannot afford to house multiple copies of all their files at a second location, but keeping everything at the office or facility is also a large risk.

"The survey results indicate cloud storage adoption is indeed making strides," reads the report. "For specific use cases, such as off-site backup and disaster recovery, the resounding answer from users is that cloud is a compelling solution."

In addition to preventing data loss, cloud storage can also be used for businesses who are experiencing a lot of growth a little too quickly. Accommodating for increasing amounts of data can be difficult, but with cloud storage, the space for such information is unlimited.

If your business is interested in cloud computing options, but isn't quite sure how to get started, you can begin by contacting one of your local cloud computing companies today. By doing so, you can obtain professional recommendations on what storage options are safest and most secure for your company. 

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