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In last week's keynote event, Tim Cook and the other Apple executives revealed the iPad mini, as well as unveiling updates to much of its technology. This included an upgrade to the company's popular iMac computer, which has gone from being a bulbous, egg-shaped computer in its first iteration, to being little more than a screen.

When the company released the impressive technology, it was noted that it was thinner than ever, with many reporters commenting that the product appeared to be fake up there on stage. But when they got to see it up close, reporters realized that this new computer was both very real and very impressive.

Indeed, the large screen appears almost invisible when turned to the side, though a slight bulge can be seen in the middle, presumably where the company's engineers placed the insides of this computer. For the first time, the iMac uses the same screen and display lamination that the company developed for the iPhone and iPad.

But don't think you'll be sacrificing speed and storage for a computer this thin. Indeed, the new iMac combines solid and regular hard drives to make 1TB of space on this machine, making it one of the best on the market.

Here at PortableOne, we're impressed by the new iMac, in addition to the new products that Apple debuted last week. We sell the iMac line, in addition to the wide variety of customized laptops and tablets that we have available. If you're wondering which machine is best for you, talk to one of our expert technicians who will happily design the perfect product for you.

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