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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual convention where savvy entrepreneurs and major tech manufacturers alike can display their wares, hoping to capture the attention of the public. While a number of high-profile devices like the Lenovo table PC have dropped at the Las Vegas event, so have some more unconventional tools.

One such product, the iPotty, aims to take a computerized approach to teaching children how to use a toilet. The iPotty is essentially a plastic toilet, much like those that little ones and their parents already make use of during potty training, but the twist is that it includes an iPad stand as well.

It's no secret that babies love iPads. This sophisticated technology is so impressively simple that even tiny tots that have never seen one of these tablets before will instantly know how to work them. 

Because of this innate ability to operate the sophisticated device, a number of developers have designed apps specifically for babies, and many of them aim to assist with potty training.

The idea behind the iPotty is that the stand will help squirmy youngins stay still long enough to take care of business by baiting them with a potty training app. The manufacturer, CTA Digital, has not currently designed its own software to go with the device, but says it might in the future.

If you're a high-tech, hands-on parent, there's no reason not to use your iPad or iPad mini to help raise your kids. If you're looking for an option for customizing this incredible tablet or other products, PortableOne has you covered. Our experts are always on call and can help make your ideal device become a reality.

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