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Simply put, it is always easier to have a weak password than a strong password. While you could make sure that every website that you have to log into is armed with a unique 16-character alphanumeric code that is impossible to crack, there's also a good chance that you would end up getting locked out of at least one of your accounts. Many of us thumb our nose at security and use a bad password.

If you know the importance of online security but also value your time, a password vault may be your best friend. Once you're logged into the service, it handles all of the login information for whatever site you're trying to access, holding on to the information by cloud computing. Essentially, the only password you have to remember is the one that you set for the service.

Of course, password vaults aren't entirely impregnable either. Mat Honan, the Wired writer who made so many headlines after he found his digital life destroyed by hackers, was using one of these. And despite this safety precaution, the hackers were able to call and have his password changed. PC World writer Dan Tynan wrote today that it's pretty much inevitable that one of these sites will be hacked, which would make vulnerable a lot of personal information.

Many security die-hards are holding out for biometric identification. Not only would this type of security keep out hackers and identity thieves, but it would also protect cell phones and laptops from moms and the prying eyes of loved ones. And since Apple acquired the fingerprint scanning company AuthenTec earlier this summer, mass adoption seems like it's on its way.

Another way to make sure that your data is secure is so that you have a laptop or tablet that has been properly optimized for security. PortableOne has a great selection of customized laptops and tablets, which can be upgraded based on the latest security developments.

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