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Apple announced today that it will release a software update for its Apple TV device that will give users an expanded lineup of channel offerings. Once installed, the update will give users connectivity to HBO GO and WatchESPN, as well as video streaming services Crunchyroll, Sky News and Qello, which will be offered alongside existing programming from Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube.

By adding these channels, the company will be positioning itself to better compete with other set top boxes from companies like Microsoft, Roku and Sony.

HBO GO is an internet streaming option that HBO offers to its paid subscribers, so that they can access content from the company's enormous catalog of premium entertainment from virtually any internet-connected device. Previously, Apple fans could watch HBO GO from an iPad 4, iPad mini or iPhone, as well as their desktop. Now that functionality will be available on their Apple TV as well.

WatchESPN gives cable subscribers similar capabilities for watching ESPN programming, including Monday Night Football, NBA games and Sportscenter.

Sky News brings viewers breaking news and current events in politics, business and entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apple TV provides exceptional integration with other devices from the company, allowing users to stream music, video and screen presentations to their television using AirPlay. Customers who take advantage of Apple's iCloud service can also stream content from their cloud drive. Video content is displayed in 1080p HD over an HDMI connection, providing fantastic picture and sound quality.

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