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Google Maps is one of the most popular resources from the tech giant, which has focused heavily on just a few core products ever since founder Larry Page became CEO in 2011. It provides many different functions for users, including turn-by-turn directions, the ability to save addresses for later use and a method for finding businesses and services in local areas.

Recently, Google launched several new features and updates to the service, some of which focus specifically on its usefulness for iPad 4 customers:

  • Maps has provided traffic data for many years now, but recent enhancements offer more accurate, thorough updates on road closures, incidents and crashes, making it easier for you to avoid heavy congestion when you're running late for a meeting or appointment.
  • Streets are shown in a different color now, making them easier to see on a small screen.
  • Users looking for places to eat, drink, sleep or find specific services can tap on a place on the map to find the best options for fulfilling these needs, complete with ratings and business hours. These can be accessed using a new "Explore" feature, which condenses all data about local establishments into one, clean interface.

Google has managed to maintain its supremacy in the digital navigation industry because of missteps by Apple and Microsoft, and these changes make it look as though this dominance will continue.

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