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Gmail, Google's email service, is one of the most popular of its kind in the world. The company reported in 2012 that it had over 425 million active users, and it's likely that that number is approaching 500 million, if it hasn't already surpassed this milestone. It's not difficult to understand why: The Gmail interface is simple, clean and effective, whether its being used on an Apple iPhone, iPad 4, Android device or a custom laptop from PortableOne.

One of the reasons Gmail has become so popular is that Google is always trying to improve it, never satisfied with sitting on its laurels and cashing ad revenue checks. Some of the major innovations have been better spam filters and integration with other Google services such as Google Drive and Maps. But recently, the search engine giant has begun to roll out a new version that appears to make even greater strides toward creating an inbox that practically reads users' minds.

The new Gmail, which has arrived in desktop, Android and iOS form, will feature a tabbed inbox that divides mail between commerce (receipts from online shopping, bills), social media (Facebook reminders), spam, and "the mail you really, really want", as the company's promotional video puts it.

It's worth noting that Gmail has been focused more and more on mobile use, and the new app appears to prioritize usefulness to tablet and smartphone customers. This is just the latest proof that there's really never been a better time to pick up a new Apple iPad mini or iPad 4, which work wonderfully with Google's latest email app.

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