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Summer is the perfect time to get in shape, with warm weather leaving pathways clear of snow so that you can run or bike your way to a slimmer waist and healthier lifestyle. But engaging in these activities doesn't need to be the same boring drag that it used to be, because now you can incorporate your iPad mini or iPhone into your workout and get a better sense of how you're improving over time.

We've put together a short list of some of the best apps available for getting in shape and hitting your fitness goals. You should check out:

  • RunKeeper: This will give you the ability to track your progress through a run, bicycle ride or any other endurance exercise. If you're using an iPad and would rather not take it with you on a workout, you can manually log your distances and time later.
  • Wahoo Fitness: Like RunKeeper, it will record how far you travel during a jog, but has the added ability to sync with many third-party sensors that track things like your pedaling speed while riding a bike or the number of steps you take when running.
  • Zombies, Run!: Taking a more fun and unorthodox approach to the fitness app, this software will create the illusion that you're being chased by zombies and need to run faster in order to escape them. While it sounds goofy, it actually provides you with dozens if different training regimens that you can select based on your personal fitness level.

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