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Rich Site Summary (RSS) reader apps are popular with users who consume a great deal of content on the internet. RSS allows you to subscribe to any of your favorite sites, particularly those that update regularly with news, commentary or tips, and view all the content from those pages in one easy Web portal.

For example, if you read the New York Times but also the sports page of your local newspaper or the business section of The Wall Street Journal, an RSS Reader will funnel all of the content from those sites into one simple app where you can scroll through articles one by one.

Here are some of the best programs available:

  • Feedly: This software provides a clean, straightforward interface for reading content, and it is free of advertising. It is available as a browser plugin for your desktop or notebook, as well as a mobile app for your smartphone or iPad 4. The only drawbacks are that not all articles display in full, meaning you may have to click a link to see the full contents of a post, and there is no search function that will let you find a particular item that you viewed in the past.
  • Newsblur: Available as both a free and premium version with a monthly fee, this program gives more flexibility in terms of which articles display in full. Also available across many platforms, including a browser plugin and mobile app for iOS and Android, Newsblur does have a waiting list for free accounts, which could take several days to clear. Those who sign up for the paid service can bypass the line.

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