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Those who struggle to keep their laptop up-to-date with the latest software might benefit by stepping away from the traditional Mac versus Windows debate, and looking for a third option. In this case, the third option is Google's laptop, or what it calls the Chromebook.

Running entirely on Google's cloud-based Chrome operating system, the search engine turned hardware designer is attempting to reconfigure the laptop market. From the outside, Chromebooks look pretty much the same as other laptops. The only difference that you'll find on these inexpensive notebooks from the ones you're used to is that there is a search key on the keyboard where traditional keyboards have the Caps Lock button.

But inside, you'll have a very different experience on your Chromebook than you would on a traditional laptop, and Google hopes that it will be much easier than what you're used to. The only occasional maintenance requirement is that the Chrome operating system will sometimes install updates while the computer is rebooting. But Chromebook owners most likely won't have a problem with this, because the computer takes less time to turn off and on again than a Windows-based laptop does to go to sleep.

This may be perfect for someone who uses their laptop primarily for the internet, and doesn't like waiting around for updates. But the Google laptop has been criticized because of its dependence on cloud computing. Chromebook users therefore can't download full versions of common software such as Microsoft Office, but rather can only get a specially designed app version.

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