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One of the wraps on warranties from computer manufacturers is that they aren't very good. Typically, customers will report having spent hours on the phone with a support specialist located half way around the world, who may or may not be a technology expert. Because these companies don't want to take back devices unless they absolutely have to, there's also a lot of resistance to admitting that they may have produced an inferior product.

This cannot be said of Apple's extended warranty program, called AppleCare. This service lengthens the manufacturer warranty that comes with every device to three years of hardware insurance coverage, plus another three years of tech support.

This is a vast improvement over the guarantee that comes baked into every purchase. Customers who purchase an Apple customized laptop get three months of tech support plus a year of hardware coverage, but purchasers plan to use their laptop for many more years after that.

An AppleCare agreement ensures that they can. When you purchase the contract, which is available for all Apple devices including the iPad 4, iPhone, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, you gain access to the vast knowledge pool available from Apple's customer service department, as well as the ability to take your device to a Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store, either to have it repaired or receive instruction on how to use it.

Something to consider when you are thinking of purchasing this service is that the battery on your device can lose its capacity to hold a charge over time, and replacing the battery on an iPhone, iPad or notebook often costs as much as the warranty service, which covers the battery if it begins to fail.

PortableOne highly recommends adding an AppleCare service contract the next time you are thinking about purchasing one of their incredible products.

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