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Busy professionals and students typically put off certain essentials, such as breaking for lunch, getting that next oil change or scheduling a dentist appointment. However, this penchant for putting things off until tomorrow could cause problems when you apply it to your computer.

While we've all been in a situation where we hold on to an essential product for too long, perhaps due to its sentimental value or the fact that we just can't squeeze time for the necessary repairs into our busy schedule, this kind of approach could end up being more costly in the long run.

As a result, we  opt to hold onto their computers, even when our performance drags, and despite the fact that programs abruptly quit and the computer experiences problems responding to commands, we simply chose to cross our fingers, hoping our computer will get better.

The Buffalo News touched on this topic in a recent article by highlighting when computer repair is able to prolong the life of a faulty computer. For example, the report noted that oftentimes computers that are experiencing performance problems due to a hard drive failure or malware can be brought back to life by a repair services for a few hundred dollars.

Still, the question remains, are we just delaying the inevitable? While holding on to an ailing laptop may make sense from a budgeting perspective, so can saving on a new computer purchase, especially in cases where a new device will likely need to be purchased soon anyway.

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