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With cloud computing increasingly accounting for more personal and business data storage, you may be under the false impression that USB drives are becoming a relic of the past just like the floppy disk and CD-ROM. However, according to a May 3 report by CNET, there are plenty of ways to use a USB flash drive that can help you increase your enjoyment of your computer.

According to the report, CNET's experts say that savvy PC owners can turn their USB drive into a key that unlocks their computer when plugged in. As a result, when someone tries to access the personal computer, this user would be great with "an epic 'ACCESS DENIED' message," increasing the safety and cool levels of a Mac or PC.

With more computer users looking to enjoy their favorite games from any device, a USB drive can increase a user's access to these games, apps and utilities without taking up extra storage on their tablets, smartphones and laptops. The source says that with the right installation, users can run Firefox, Chrome and other programs right from a USB.

Among the other benefits of USBs cited by CNET include the ability to test new operating systems on a computer. For example, the writers reported that users who set their USB drive up accordingly can test out Windows 8 on their PC or even run Windows 7 on their Apple computers, unlocking new programs that couldn't be accessed on a device before.

Still, while the USB drive still has a few tricks up its proverbial sleeve, there are instances where users may need to seek out more advanced laptop repair to solve problems that could occur. For example, if a USB drive on a device suddenly becomes defective or a computer isn't reading the USB drive, owners may need to seek out the guidance of experts, such as the team available at PortableOne.