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A laptop's lightweight and thin frame makes it easy to take with you to work, class or elsewhere on-the-go. But, unfortunately, its portability leaves it all the more vulnerable to getting dirty, scratched or even dropped - so be careful, and always keep it in a padded case.

If you drop your laptop, and don't have a warranty that provides Accidental Damage protection, the first thing you should do is inspect its screen for cracks. The screen is one of the most sensitive parts of a computer, and if you damage it, images may come in distorted, fuzzy or not appear at all.

If the screen is cracked, turn on the computer to assess what sort of effect is has on images. If your screen doesn't look normal, you may want to contact a laptop repair center for more information on how to proceed. In some cases, a new monitor can be purchased from a company that sells computer and laptop accessories.

If, however, your computer's case has a crack, it is a lot easier for the crack to grow larger and split the frame, especially if its dropped again. For this reason, you should consider having it repaired by an Authorized Service center that will use original manufacturer parts to ensure that the repair is done right. Also, always be sure to choose a reputable repair center and obtain a repair estimate up front.