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A major international technology industry events, Computex, is underway in Taipei, Taiwan, as computer manufacturers gather to show off their latest products. The convention lasts five days and will feature unveilings from a number of companies, including Asus and Acer. One of the focuses will be on how these firms have adopted touch screen technology and tablet features into their notebooks.

The Associated Press reports that Acer and Asus will be showing off some of their notebook-tablet hybrids that feature Microsoft Windows 8, which has had a difficult time catching on with users who are showing less willingness to migrate from Windows 7. In addition, both companies have suffered eroding laptop sales in the face of stiff competition from the Apple iPad 4, iPad mini and similar products from Amazon and Samsung.

Another major focus of the trade show will be the appearance of new processors from Intel. Companies have been integrating the chipmaker's "Haswell" CPUs, which boast better energy efficiency and could one day make it into Apple's laptops, as well. Several models from Asus and Acer were introduced that feature this technology, 

Computex precedes one of Apple's highest profile events, the 2013 World Wide Developers Conference, which begins on June 10 and concludes on June 14. WWDC is typically an occasion for the announcement of at least a few major products and services from Apple, so the industry will be watching closely to see what they have on tap.

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