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Asus seems to be whole-heartedly embracing the combined laptop/tablet experience. The computer company displayed a new range of offerings that playfully merge the two devices at the Computex trade show in Taipei this week.

According to PCMag, the Asus Taichi, which, with a screen on both sides of its lid, can act as a laptop and tablet, was a definite crowd pleaser. Not only do the dual screens allow the device to transition readily from tablet to laptop - they also allow two people to use the device (as long as they don't mind getting a bit cozy)."

Almost every item on show was some form of laptop/tablet hybrid. Both the Asus Table 810 and Tablet 600 came with mobile docks that include portable keyboards and other accessories so each device could easily transform into an "ultraportable" laptop.

But only one item was described as a true combination of the two formats - the Transformer book. This notebook with i7 allows you to completely remove the screen, which then acts as a "wireless display" and enables you to keep working from the same device wherever you go, even if you only take part of it with you. 

The vast array of Asus hardware also focused on two other technological trends: touch screens and cloud computing. Every device is optimized to take full advantage of the Asus open cloud computing service, with each screen providing "access to the digital world in a real time, real place, and in real, personalized ways," said company chairman Jonney Shih, the source reports.

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