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Between the unfathomable amount of cash in their bank account, the ubiquity of iPhones and iPads and the fact that late CEO Steve Jobs has developed somewhat of a cult following, it's not surprising that many American journalists are wondering just what is so appealing about Apple. The subject is a common topic of conversation among the tech elite, who wonder aloud what makes the company so popular. 

Most recently, Dan Lyons, writing for ReadWrite, took a crack at the topic - and why we love Apple more than Android. Lyons notes that while iPhones were once considered a status symbol internationally, the company has been losing market? share among affluent buyers over the last few years. But stateside, the iPhone, along with all other Apple products, is still incredibly popular. It is the smartphone most-frequently chosen by celebrities, CEOs, and even Sasha and Malia Obama. 

When it comes to smartphones, just like tablets such as the iPad and iPad mini, Apple has an undeniable advantage that Americans understand: quality. Purchasing an  iOS device means buying into an operating system and ecosystem that's easy to understand, is beautiful and simply works. 

In terms of quality control, Apple is a real stickler, said Sarah Mitroff in an article for Wired during December. The open? source nature of other App markets, particularly the one for Android, leaves users vulnerable to faulty software and hardware malfunctions. In order to get to the App store, however, an app must be approved. This means that all software is safe, and you won't get half-baked applications that don't work right yet. 

There are a number of reasons why Apple is still on top in the States, but quality has a lot to do with it. Even as the mobile war continues, this is likely to be a topic of conversation. Here at PortableOne we can customize laptops and iOS devices so that yours works exactly to your specifications. 

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