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This week, all eyes are on the Consumer Electronics Show, more commonly referred to as the CES, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual event is a place for established tech manufacturers and startups alike to unveil their newest and coolest gadgets, attempting to gain the attention of journalists the world over.

This year's CES has begun with strong showings from a number of companies, including industrious laptop maker Lenovo. While the Chinese company might be better known for the ThinkPad notebooks that it turns out, the manufacturer plans to make a big entrance into the world of desktop computing according to its CES launches.

By far their most eye-catching product is what's being called the IdeaCentre Horizon. The intriguing device is being called a table PC, presumably because its 27-inch display sits flat on a table, and is meant to be used by groups.

"The idea for the table PC is to bring everyone together instead of having everyone off on their own with their own device," said Lenovo marketing director Nick Reynolds.

Adding to the social applications of this device, the PC also comes with a joystick, dice and striker, all of which are meant to be used for a new twist on family game night. In addition to working with the accessories, it also has an integrated touch screen.

While most other hardware makers are busy attempting to find the Windows answer to high-functioning individualized tablets like the iPad and iPad mini, Lenovo has instead decided to go in a different direction, opting for a more social computer that can be used by many. Though pricing has not yet been announced, the product is expected to begin shipping in February or March.

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