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Apple is hard at work these days developing new products, such as the recently released Apple Watch, as well as improving upon the machines it already sells. In an effort to make its computers lighter and more portable, Apple recently patented a new style of computer that may or may not eventually be released down the line.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, earlier this week the technology giant filed for a patent that will essentially do away with the trackpad as it is currently designed. While the computer will still have trackpad functions, it would lack the pad itself, allowing for a smaller keyboard design.

The new model would work by having keys that are depressible on multiple levels. This allows each key to be assigned a shortcut that can double as a smaller version of the trackpad. The input from each of the user's fingers  would be processed individually, meaning each key can serve different functions at the same time.

This means that while one hand is typing and entering text data via the normal keyboard function, the other could be scrolling through a social media website. The system would allow simultaneous type and an onscreen cursor to perform touch gestures.

Whether or not this technology will actually be implemented in future Apple products is something that has not yet been determined.

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