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When you are looking to purchase a new laptop, one of the things you will need to focus on is how well different models would fit into your life. Somebody who travels a lot, for example, will need a more portable machine than somebody who just uses it at home.

This certainly isn't a decision that you want to make hastily, as your computer will last you for the next few years of your life.

Here is how to match your computer to your lifestyle:

  • Desktop computer: While the iMac doesn't get as much attention as the Pro or Air, it is a solid desktop system that is particularly useful for those who work from their office each day. The iMac is ideal for exclusive use at home as well.
  • High-end graphics: For those professionals who need a high-tech graphics system, the Macbook Pro is the way to go. The flagship system from Apple has a stunning design and an impressive performance capability for graphic needs.
  • Mobility: If you are somebody who works from the road on a regular basis, you will need a computer that can travel with you and not slow you down. The Macbook Air is likely your best bet here, as it weighs less than its counterparts and will be much easier for you to travel with.

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